Our Practice Philosophy

At the Fairfield County Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Association, PC, (FCAAIA) we have a very strong practice philosophy that is the foundation of everything we do.

First and foremost, we believe patients deserve our full attention to all aspects of their allergic disease. Our aim whenever possible and practical, is to anticipate and prevent onset of allergic symptoms rather than start treatment after they become bothersome.

The physicians and nurse practitioner at FCAAIA practice evidence-based medicine, and do not subscribe to fads merely because they might be popular. All medical decisions are supported by scientific data.

We provide a “full service” Asthma and Allergy practice and approach each patient with the firm understanding that there is a safe and effective treatment option for virtually all patients with allergic disease. We strive to maintain the best control of symptoms with the least amount of medication possible.

Allergy skin testing, in addition to some blood tests are taken into consideration with each patient’s medical history to gain the most comprehensive understanding of the condition and determine the appropriate treatment methods.

The doctors at FCAAIA are very proud of our nursing staff. Most have between five and 20 years of allergy specific experience. We all work together to create a positive and happy working environment. Our practice keeps a staff of highly trained RN/LPNs, attesting to our commitment to provide the highest quality medical experience in the fields of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Fairfield County.

Last but not least, FCAAIA takes great pride in our efficiency and convenience for patients. The online allergy shots appointment scheduler allows patients to select the most convenient time for their appointments and follow up with an email reminder.

If you are seeking expert medical care for your allergy, asthma and immunology needs, please give us a call at Fairfield County Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Association, PC. we are here to help you!

****Please check the POSTS below frequently for updated office information****

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