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Good Friday 4/10/2020

Our Stamford office will close at 12:00 noon (last shot 11:15) Friday, 4/10/20 in the observance of Good Friday..,please note all other offices are closed Friday in accordance with the 3/23/2020 posted schedule.


Our telemedicine visits on Zoom are running smoothly.  During a telemedicine visit, we can do everything we would during an in-office except examine you, do any type of testing, or do food or medication challenges.

All of us are seeing NEW and RETURNING patients by telemedicine by appointment only. Please arrange to have your visits scheduled as TELEMEDICINE visits.  Prepare for the spring and be sure to see us before there are problems.

Telemedicine DOs and DON’Ts


  • DO call to schedule a Telemedicine appointment with your doctor.
  • If you get a text message or email from My Chart, DO ignore it
  • DO make sure you get your doctor’s “Meeting Identification Number”
  • DO go to ZOOM.COM or ZOOM.US at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • DO click on “JOIN MEETING” at the upper right.
  • DO enter the Meeting Identification Number in the space provided.
  • DO be patient and wait for your doctor to let you enter the meeting. It might take a few minutes if your doctor has to finish another visit first.


  • DO NOT pay any attention to text messages or emails from My Chart (it will not work!).
  • If you have a ZOOM account, DO NOT sign in to ZOOM. It might not work.
  • DO NOT disconnect from ZOOM if your doctor does not pick up right away. We are probably finishing up with another patient.

Allergy shots and other injections

Our offices will remain open with newly abbreviated hours (see March 23 Update) for patients to receive allergy shots and biologics (Xolair, Dupixent, Nucala, Fasenra, Cinquair) that they are already receiving in our office. Because injections are your “medicine” we encourage you to continue coming in if possible.  Gov.Lamont’s “Stay safe, Stay home” edict that went in to effect at 8 PM on 3/23 allows you to come in for your regularly scheduled dosing, as health care providers are permitted to remain open for non-elective procedures. We will be sure that those of you waiting for and after injections have room to socially distance from one another.

Our staff and doctors remain available to field your calls from 8-5 Monday-Friday in all offices.  After hours, we ask that calls be limited to genuine emergencies.

Please check this website regularly for updates.

Thank you and please stay well.


Take control of your allergies before they take control of you! Even during your shelter in place efforts, it is important to get fresh air. This means exposure to pollen and potential for worsening allergy symptoms when you are out side.  Whether you have seen us before or are new to our practice, cal to schedule a TELEMEDICINE visit as soon as possible.

Instructions to enter your telemedicine visit are below in the March 25 update.  Our abbreviated office hours are in the March 23 update.  Your allergist might be available at other times too, so be sure to inquire when you call to set up your on-line visit.

We hope we will be able to see you in person in the not too distant future!

Stay well!

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