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According to current guidelines, virtually EVERYBODY can get the vaccine without special precaution and should be observed for 15 minutes. This includes all patients with allergy (including anaphylaxis) to food, medication, venom, aeroallergen sensitivity, and even those with idiopathic anaphylaxis.

People with a history of anaphylaxis to another vaccine or any INJECTABLE medication should get the vaccine and be observed for 30 minutes afterwards.

The ONLY patients who should not be immunized are those who have had anaphylaxis to a component of the COVID vaccine (of which there are few that are RARE allergens or NOT allergens. The most common of the very rare allergens is polyethylene glycol). The vaccine DOES NOT contain any food derivatives or other medications including neomycin.

Palforzia approved by FDA for oral peanut desensitization in children 4-17 years old:

Palforzia has been approved by the FDA for oral peanut desensitization in children 4-17 years old.  It is not yet commercially available  and at this point we do not know when it will be available. When it is available, dispensing will be done only in the allergist’s office. It will not be available in pharmacies and at this point we do not know if it will be available in other physicians’ offices.

The product is designed to decrease the risk if there is an accidental ingestion of peanut.  It is not a “cure” for peanut allergy and during treatment patients still need to avoid peanuts.

When it is available, it requires a big time commitment from the patient and the family. The first day of treatment lasts most of the day in the doctor’s office.  Patients then take a measured dose every day at home with certain recommendations made to increase safety.  Patients return to the office every 2 weeks for increasing doses for a minimum of 11 more visits depending on how easily they are able to increase their every 2 week doses. Patients who have reactions to the treatment or miss doses will take longer to reach the top dose. Once patients reach the top dose, they remain on that dose indefinitely or the benefits of the treatment are lost.

Because it is so time-consuming, we here at FCAAIA are discussing how to safely implement Palforzia in our practice.

The treatment is not risk-free.  Patients interested in Palforzia treatment will need to discuss the risks with their allergist.

More to come when we have more information to tell you!


Influenza vaccine (flu shots) are available in our Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich and Ridgefield offices.

Please call to schedule an appointment for your flu shot.

We do not carry the “high dose” flu shots recommended for people 65 and older.

Does Your Child Have Summer Plans?

If he or she does, you ALREADY KNOW that program directors, camp owners, and anyone else responsible for your child will require medication authorization forms be filled out. Plan ahead! Please send them to us as soon as you can. Too many people wait until the last minute; we do the best we can but cannot promise immediate turn around!

****Please check the POSTS below frequently for updated office information****

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