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Do you have spring time allergies? It is not too early to start treating your symptoms. By acting before you expect problems to start you can prevent your allergy symptoms. Call our office to schedule your appointment as soon as possible so that we can help you.

Does Your Child Have Summer Plans?

If he or she does, you ALREADY KNOW that program directors, camp owners, and anyone else responsible for your child will require medication authorization forms be filled out. Plan ahead! Please send them to us as soon as you can. Too many people wait until the last minute; we do the best we can but cannot promise immediate turn around!


FCAAIA Notes: Food allergy has significant impact on quality of life for patients and their families.  I work hard to have my patients live entirely normal lives with the exception of avoiding the offending foods.  Be vigilant and diligent about reading labels and asking servers, but go out to eat.  Go to parties and ball games.  Enjoy all the social activities you would if you didn’t have food allergy.

While the Food and Drug Administration requires that food manufactures clearly identify the presence of common food allergens in the product on their labels (milk, egg, wheat soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and sesame), many companies place various “disclaimers” on their labels.  Statements such as, “May contain….”, Processed on…..”, and “Packaged in….” have no legal definition Continue reading “PEDIATRIC FOOD ALLERGIES: PITFALLS IN CURRENT FOOD LABELING REGULATIONS”


FCAAIA Notes: OK, I’ll admit it—some of my best friends are doctors. This article is not specific to allergy/immunology but I found it thought-provoking.

All the doctors I know went to medical school because they wanted to treat patients or do medial research. NONE went so he or she could make a lot of money.  In fact, in this day of insurance company driven medicine, any of us will tell you the profession is less lucrative than it once was. But, we are all still here, rather than running hedge funds!  Why? Because we like what we do for a living.

Wouldn’t I love to be a “Norman Rockwell” doctor? Continue reading “AMERICA’S LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH DOCTORS”

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