FCAAIA NOTES: Treatment for asthma is effective and safer than poorly controlled asthma. In a way, asthma and nasal allergies are the same disease affecting different ends of a unified airway. Having either greatly increases your risk of having the other. Treatment of nasal allergies and asthma must be considered together. You should discuss this with your allergist if you have not done so already.

(Source: Yahoo News, January 12, 2011,

ATLANTA – Asthma seems to be increasing a little and nearly one in 12 Americans now say they have the respiratory disease, federal health officials said Wednesday. About 8.2 percent of Americans had asthma in a 2009 national survey of about 40,000 individuals. That’s nearly 25 million people with asthma, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.

The rate had been holding steady at a little under 8 percent for the previous four years. Better diagnostic efforts could be part of the reason for the increase. They were believed to be a main reason for an increase in asthma seen from 1980 through 1995, said Dr. Lara Akinbami, a medical officer at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics….

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