(This is just a partial list. Check your bookstore and the Food Allergy Network for more)

Your Food-Allergic Child – A Parent’s Guide, Janet Meizel

Allergy Cookbook: Food for Festive Occasions

Allergy Cookbook: Diets Unlimited for Limited Diets
Allergy Information Association
25 Poynter Drive, Suite 7 Weston, Ontario, Canada M9R IK8

The Allergy Cookbook, Carol G. Eberling and Eugene O. Jonkers

The Allergy Guide to Brand-Name Foods and Food Additives, Stephanie Bernardo Johns

Cooking for the Allergic Child, Judy Moyer

Cooking Without, Margaret L. Williams

The No Milk Cookbook, Barbara Newby Borgwardt

Bakin’ Without Eggs, Rosemarie Embro

All About Food Allergy, F. M. Dong

The Allergy Cookbook and Food Buying Guide, A Practical Approach to Cooking and Buying Food for People Who are Allergic to Foods, P. Nonken, S. P. Hirsch

Cooking and Caring for the Allergic Child, L.L. Thomas

Food Sensitivity: A Resource Including Recipes
The American Dietetic Association. The Food Sensitivity Series. Chicago, IL (Note: other titles in this series are excellent resources related to celiac disease and lactose intolerance).

The Quaker Oats Allergy Cookbook: Wheat, Milk & Egg-Free Recipes
The Quaker Oats Company Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL 60654

Ener-G Foods, Inc.
P.O. Box 24723 Seattle, WAS 98124-0723, 800-331-5222
(Vacuum-packed baker breads, cookies, cakes, hamburger buns, doughnuts and baking
mixes with no wheat, eggs, milk or soy. Computer recipe service available to select recipes
that comply with any dietary criteria).

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