Avoid foods that contain any of these ingredients:
• Albumin
• Dried egg
• Egg
• Egg white
• Egg yolk
• Egg solids
• Egg substitutes (some)
• Eggnog
• Globulin
• Livetin
• Lysozyme
• Mayonnaise
• Meringue
• Ovalbumin
• Ovomucoid
• Ovomucin
• Ovovitellin
• Powdered eggs
• Simplesse®

• Food companies continually change product recipes so continue to read all labels.
• Many baked products with a yellow crust or shiny glaze are made with eggs.
• Egg whites are often used as a clarifying agent in broth or soups.
• MMR vaccine may be administered to egg-allergic patients in your pediatrician’s or allergist’s office. Influenza and yellow fever vaccines may contain egg protein. Appropriate candidates for immunization may receive the vaccine under their allergist’s care. Please ask us for more information.
• Simplesse® is used as a fat substitute in ice cream and frozen desserts and is made from either egg or milk protein.

Other hints on what to avoid
• ALWAYS read labels. ALWAYS ask about ingredients in restaurants, bakeries, etc. ALWAYS call the company if you have a question (they will be most accommodating if you tell them you have an egg allergy). WHEN IN DOUBT: DO NOT EAT IT!
• Avoid obvious egg sources in the diet (such as scrambled eggs, omelets, timbales, souffles, custards, egg noodles, and eggnog). Check product labels for eggs or other indications that eggs were used in preparation, as listed above.
• Egg substitute products are generally made with egg white and should be avoided. Check labels.
• Baked products may contain eggs because eggs help create and maintain product structure. Check labels of commercial baked goods to ensure they are egg-free and use egg-free baked goods recipes. Some candy contains egg white. Baking powder may contain egg derivatives and content needs to be checked closely.

Tips for egg-free cooking
• Use an egg substitute such as Jolly Joan®, Golden Harvest®, or Ener-G Foods® egg replacer. Other brands, including Egg Beaters® may contain egg whites.
• Mashed bananas or apricot puree (2 tablespooons=one egg) can add flavor and bind/thicken batters or candies. Dry, unflavored gelatin may be used to bind or thicken fruit desserts.
• Because egg-free baked products crumble easily, use smaller pans. Xantham gum is an excellent binder. Add an extra 1/2 teaspoon egg-free baking powder for each egg to enhance leavening, along with another egg substitute to bind or thicken.
• To enhance the flavor of egg-free cookies or cake, add extra ingredients such as raisins, nuts, coconut, seeds, or spices.
• Two tablespoons of pureed vegetables can replace an egg in soups, sauces, and other dishes.
• To thicken sauces, use flour, corn starch, or xantham gum.


Es importate leer las etiquetas de todos los productos.
Para obtener mas información llame sin cobro al 1 (800) 331-5222 o escriba a la P.O. Box 84487, Seattle, Washington 98124-5787.

Elimine o evite los siguietes ingredientes o productos.:
• Albumina
• Huevos
• La parte blanca
• La parte amarilla
• Huevos en polvo
• Huevos solidos
• Globulina
• Livetina
• Lysozyma
• Mayonesa
• Meregue
• Ovalbumina
• Ovomucina
• Ovomucoide
• Ovovitelian
• Substitutos de huevos, los cuales contienen huevo
• Eggnog (bebida amarilla la cual se toma durante la navidad)
• Simplesse® sustituto para la grasa en crema de helado o postres congelados.
• Egg beaters® sustituto para huevoel cual puede tener huevo.

Notas de interes:
• Productos horneados con color amarillo o blanco en la parte de arriba contienen huevo.
• Huevos son usados para aclarar sopas o caldos. Verifique con el cocinero cuando coma en un restaurante.
• Las vacuna para el sarampión las paperas y la roseola (MMR) y la vacuna contra la influenza (flu-shot) son preparadas en huevos.

Algunas ideas para cocinar:
• Use sustitutos de huevos como Jolly Joan®, Golden Harvest®, Ener-G-Foods®, para sustituir el huevo.
• Para cocinar galletas o pasteles, sustituya un huevo por dos cucharadas grandes de puré de bananas o “apricot”, puede usar pasas o frutas para aumentar el sabor. Ademas use recipientes mas pequeños para hornear los pasteles. Si los pasteles se le quiebran o desharinan, use una cucharadita de goma xantham.
• Para cocinar postres de frutas use una cucharadita pequeña de gelatina sin sabor, mezclada en dos cucharaditas de agua por cada huevo.
• Para espesar caldos de sopas use harina de trigo o maiz, o la goma xantham.

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