The removal of mucus from the nasal cavities will often help clear fluid from the middle ear, help sinus infections and stop postnasal drainage and cough. To do this, the following instructions must be carefully followed:

1. Mix 4 oz. of tepid water (it is not necessary to boil the water) and 1/4 tsp. of salt.

2. Blow the nose gently to remove as much mucus as possible. In the case of a child who is unable to blow his nose, use a small rubber ear syringe (not plastic) to suck out the mucus.

3. Put the child on his back with the head hanging over the bed so that he appears to be standing on his head or place yourself in the same position.

4. Put one medicine dropper full of the salt solution in a nostril, then sit up and blow it out. Repeat in other nostril. In the case of a small child, suck it out with the ear syringe. This should be repeated several times until the returns are clear. This procedure may be done several times a day, or done whenever necessary, but it is suggested that it should be done at least morning and night.

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