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FCAAIA Notes: Have you or a loved on had al allergic reaction to a sting? Stinging insect allergy is probably one of the most curable things an allergist sees. For decades, it has been quite clear which patients are at risk of significant reactions to bee, wasp, or hornet stings and require venom immunotherapy (allergy shots). Risks of severe systemic reactions to subsequent stings can virtually be eliminated. Continue reading “SHOTS FOR INSECT STING ALLERGY CUT ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION”


FCAAIA Notes:  Although this article reviews honey bee allergy and treatment, most of what it says in all sections also applies to the other flying insects that sting (wasps, yellow jackets, hornets) and fire ants (collectively known as hymenoptera).

Hymenoptera allergy might be the most curable thing we see in our practice.  Its treatment goes well beyond carrying self-injectable epinephrine.  If you or a loved one has ever had a systemic reaction to a flying insect sting (any reaction away from the sting itself) and has not been evaluated by an allergist, call now for an appointment. Continue reading “HONEYBEE VENOM IMMUNOTHERAPY”


FCAAIA Notes: Stinging flying insect allergy is one of the most curable things allergists treat. ANYONE and EVERYONE who has had anaphylaxis after a wasp, honey bee, yellow jacket, hornet, or fire ant sting should be seen by an allergist. In addition, people older than 15 years who are stung and get diffuse hives or swelling should be seen. In accordance with well-established research, all those patients should receive venom immunotherapy to dramatically decrease their likelihood of another life-threatening reaction after a sting. The bees will be out soon! Call to set up an evaluation for yourself or a loved one with a history of bee-sting allergy. Continue reading “HYMENOPTERA VENOM IMMUOTHERAPY”

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